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Sunday, January 2, 2011

At the Starting Line

The New Year (and New Decade) are here, whether we like it or not. "Time Marches On" is a constant in the universe, one we have no control over; all we can do is make the best of that time and keep our heads above the waves.
One of the things I like to do each New Year is take stock of what I've acomplished and what I didn't in the previous year, and set new goals (I refuse to call them resolutions) for the coming year. Like many people, a lot of it is cleanup, as it seems there is a problem with the space-time continuium, and the days just go by too darn fast. Anyway, here is my list, so you can check me on it next January 1.
1. Work up my marketing plan for the books. I've sent a couple of query letters with no replies, so it's time to send out others and/or put together a reasonable schedule for me to do it myself.
2. Attend more events such as ConQuesT in Kansas City, the Longview Literary Festival, and the Authors' Day held in Emporia Kansas last summer.
3. Send out press packets to TV/radio/bookstores in the region (electronic and/or hardcopy). This goes back to Number 1 above.
4. Get more book signing events set up in the area. Work with the local bookstores to carry my books; I really fell down on this last year, just not enough time to get everything done.
The real issue is, I've focused so much on writing since I started in 2005 that I've not spent nearly enough time on the marketing phase. This is where most artists/authors have their problems; we're much more interested in our art or writing than in marketing it. That's why agents exist.
As the First Trilogy is complete, and Book Four (Kaanan's Way) moving along smoothly, I think I can spend a little more time this spring on the above. And I really need to face the facts; if I don't do it, no one else will either.
So here's to 2011, the Year of the Marketing Plan for The Ardwellian Chronicles. Let the games begin!

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