A land forged from the fires of strife, blood of heroes, and touch of the gods.
Where deeds of great valor, vile evils, and blazing passions intertwine
to shape the course of elven and human history within.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keeping Resolutions

Yes, I know... I'm late again. 

I'll be honest; I haven't had anything really important to say lately, and I'm not the kind to post unnecessary chatter.  So with apologies in hand, I'll simply pass along this brief thought for aspiring writers:

The heart and soul of any story is the emotion within it; readers must connect with characters, both protagonist and antagonist.
If there's no emotion, there's no conflict.
If there's no conflict, there's no story.
If there's no story, tell me again why I should read your book.

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