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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Generic Weekly Post

OK, I promised I'd post at least weekly, so here I am on a lazy Sunday afternoon, doing my darnest to come up with something interesting to write about. The problem is, I'm pretty deep into Kaanan's Way so all of my creative energy is focused on that for now. But that's OK, I'm sure I can write a few words you won't mind reading here in the blog.
Does it seem like everyone today has a blog? There are some really good ones out there, like the blog of the young lady sailor who tried to make it around the world alone, but lost her mast about half-way through and nearly perished at sea. Her amazing maturity through all of that makes for some riveting reading; you should really check it out.
But I've also come across a few that aren't much more than "had a boring day today, nothing happened". And I wonder if, like Facebook and some of the other social media outlets, this is more a fadish activity for some than a way to post meaningful information about activities, interests, and the like.
That being said, I'd better post something meaningful, right?
My theory; the more connected we try to be, the more isolated we become. Posting on a blog, writing on Facebook, emailing, instant messaging, etc. is NOT, in my humble opinion, true social interaction. I know too many people who rely on a computer to substitute for face-to-face discourse. And manners sometimes go out the window online; the anonymity of the internet gives us a false courage to say things we would NEVER say when standing in front of total strangers, to say nothing of people we know.
So here's a novel idea; next time a friend says "drop me an email", you say "hey, let's grab a cup of coffee (or a coke, or get a burger, or whatever)", and see what the reaction is. Then do it. And experience again the true meaning of "communication".
Just some thoughts on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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