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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time Constraints

I've been thinking (there I go again, living dangerously)...
My writing output has lessened over the last months, even though I've more than kept up with my goal of a new book every two years. I'm about ready to publish Champions: The Heroes of Ardwel by the end of this year, and Blood Secret is now on schedule for mid-2016.  So what's the problem?
I have 13 books planned for the series; six novels (number five in the works) and seven compendiums. Once Champions is complete there will be two novels and five compendiums remaining, and if I keep to my schedule of a new book every two years, we're looking at 14 years total to finish the series.
My mantra has been "Working on The Ardwellian Chronicles and Hope I Live Long Enough to Finish". A bit of an in-joke, but somehow, old Father Time has a way of tapping you on the shoulder occasionally and reminding you the clock is running.
I fully expect to finish my task; I'm like that. And while I certainly enjoy writing and creating the stories, events, and characters that fill the pages, it gets more difficult every day. Working in my job takes energy, my  house and yard continue to take energy, and of course, the writing itself takes energy. And the older I get, the less energy (and more work, it seems) I have. 
Exercise helps, but that takes energy, too. I still find an aggressive power walk of about 3-4 miles really invigorates my thinking (all those endorphins popping away in my brain like popcorn), but once I get back to my desk I'm too pooped to pop (pun intended). So I take my digital recorder along and dictate ideas between gasps for air. 
But even so, with as much dedication as I can muster, time, as they say, marches on, and the days dwindle in their passing with each sunset. 
I'm way too morose and introspective this beautiful morning, so I'm gonna stop right here. 
Never fear, my friends, The Ardwellian Chronicles will continue, and they'll be complete before my passing. 
Heck, I may live to be one hundred (my granddad nearly made it, and was plowing his garden when he died), so I've likely got more time than I realize.
Maybe I should increase the number of books in the series. You know, just to give myself more of a goal.

Stay tuned...

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