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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Consumption or Creation

Wow, I'm either going to have to shut down this blog or start posting more often. The problem is, time and content; I refuse to post just for the sake of posting, and my schedule doesn't always lend to having enough time to put together a topic and flesh it out in 300-500 words.
And so that leads into this post, are you a consumer or creator?
Let's face it; the iPad and its competitors are amazing devices. Little waffer-like slabs of technology, allowing us to access anything on the internet just about anywhere, watch several movies without a recharge, and converse with friends on FB, email, Twitter, and all the other myriad of social media available today. But are they devices on which one can truly create?
I discussed this with a lady friend a few days ago; she has an iPad and swears by it. She's a writer as well and as I sat and watched, demonstrated how easily the virtual keyboard worked, how she really could create on this device, not just consume. Because that seems to be the argument against tablets in lieu of laptops and netbooks; that they are consumer devices and don't lend themselves to creating well as do those with a real keyboard.
I'll have to admit; most people I know who own a laptop don't "create" with it; that is, most are not writers, artists, or otherwise involved in what we call "creative process". However, many conduct business, write letters, send business-related emails, do research for projects, and generally use their laptops for more than just "consuming" the internet and chatting with friends. And I see no reason why a tablet can't do the same, after a bit of study and observation.
Maybe I'm just a fuddy-duddy; but one who understands the digital age is here to stay and anyone who denies it will be left in the digital dust. I still prefer the tactical sensation of a real keyboard, but have wondered lately if I should invest in a tablet, for convenience if nothing else. So the argument, in my mind, is still opened, as the tablet age is yet young. Let's see where this is in five years or so, and make a call then. In the meantime, I'm wating on the release date for the HP TouchPad; I may have to seriously check this one out.


Greg Gildersleeve said...

I can't afford most of the newfangled devices, so I create the old-fashioned way: on a laptop. :)

I don't think the type of device really impacts creativity that much. Sure, devices make some tasks easier (for example, I can research something instantly, whereas in the past I would have had to wait until I got home or went to a library), but devices are still tools. A carpenter does not build a house because he has a high-tech hammer; he builds a house because he's a carpenter.

However, the ease of technology can make some people think they are more creative than they actually are. :)

Dennis Young said...

Good points, Greg. At first I thought tablets were "consumption only", but after a bit of research (as noted), I decided it's really the operator, not the device, that decides how creative the usage can be.