A land forged from the fires of strife, blood of heroes, and touch of the gods.
Where deeds of great valor, vile evils, and blazing passions intertwine
to shape the course of elven and human history within.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favorite Quotes from Books One through Three, Part Three

OK, things have settled down a bit after the 7th Annual Debbi Pellicano (Ladyelf) Home Studio Art Show.  Thanks to all who stopped by and enjoyed the day's activities; food, drink, and more than fifty pieces of Deb's wonderful work, about a dozen of them new!  Creative surges are wonderful!
So now, without further adieu, are some famous (and infamous) musings and proclomations from Book Three, Secrets of the Second Sun:

“We came to release the magic, and for no other reason. Yet entering the doors of this place, it took our souls and spirits, twisting them with its age and mystery held within the stones. We see banners, ancient shields carried into battle, hear stories of gods who once were flesh and blood, and are awed by grandeur passed. Still we forget a simple girl, waiting in a cave, her lover’s hideous form coiled around her, keeping her from the cold and wastes of winter.”
Rohannah DeSyrtis, reminding the Companions of their true reason for entering Argonnian Castle, when true purpose seems to have been forgotten.
He glanced to the corner and a covered object, garnered from Argonnian Castle in his hasty exit. He brought it to the fireside, drawing away a worn and ragged blanket, to reveal an ancient shield, gray with faded crimson chevron. Two holes made by arrows pierced its face, tinged in darkened rusty color Emriel knew was blood.
Of Courtney, and here is the tale of his death, he thought. Arrows, not steel, took his life; I see with my own eyes the truth of it; elven shafts and murder stand before me here. And Calidriil says he knows not the part his family played! Liar!
Thoughts of Father Emriel, carrying family rage, 3500 years old at last count.
“I am Calidriil, Lord Mage, and descendant of Iar’wi’ain himself, as he descends from those crossing from the other side. You say you do not know the enemy you have fought all these years?”
Sheynon Calidriil, laying the truth before him, and daring Artimies Argonnian to speak his own truth.
“Perhaps the time has come to share our secrets. Your truths within the darkness carry value without price. Tell yours, and I shall lay mine before the both of you as well. How does this happen, as I nearly bled my life away, I now see dagger-cuts days old in look and healing. I hear Rohannah call you ‘priest’ and wonder; for as I know, priests pray to gods or daemons, and sacrifice is needed for power they wield within this world.”
Courtney Greywald, asking questions, which the answers to will shake the land.
“Choice was made and accepted, and we have seen friends and loved ones fall, others in our lives departed to the heavens. Lives end in many ways, and as Audrey in her youth, and myself those years ago, we sought purpose, that a mark upon the world would be our legacies. When Cause ignites the fire within, danger is forgotten and only valor matters in the end.”
Daeron Foxxe, with words true and personal to his own life, as it turns out.

I'm thinking about posting a few from my next book, "Kaanan's Way" which is in progress.  Might pique your interest a bit, hey?  Check back in next week!

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