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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Favorite quotes from Books One through Three

We all have favorite quotes and lines from movies and books we love.  Authors do to; in fact, it's a rush when we come up with real zingers for our stories.  I have several from each of my books, and I thought I'd share a few with you on a balmy Sunday in November.  (63 degrees on November 21st???  Yes, this is the Midwest, you know!).  The sarcasm is entirely mine, by the way.  I love to poke fun at my own writing!
From Book One, Secret Fire:
"Horses. We need horses, my lord."
Sheynon Calidriil stating the obvious; after you've been shipwrecked for two months, had to row your way back to the mainland in a dingy and fight a dragon along the way, this is your first word on getting back to dry land? 
“A dragon, a daemon, a woman, and I know not which shall prove to be the most dangerous of all.”
Shiva Lahai, having no idea how prophetic these words will become later down the line.
"Speak your mind to me, for if there is a ‘plan’ hidden in this room, there may be two, then, not one.”
The priestess Kaanan, to the mage Draxa, during their battle of wits in his hidden sanctuary, while Kaanan's companions fought for their lives.  This was a major turning point in Secret Fire, and a new direction in Kaanan's life.  Good stuff, if I do say so myself.
No! Look away! Let my spirit go, foul thing. Tho’ once you were a comrade, now you are but walking dead! Let me go, that I might find the strength to slay you! NO!
Sheynon Calidriil once more, in the grip of evil in its most hideous form; that of a former companion, now a creature of the night.
“Then came war, and the land was darkened with marching hordes, and arrows enough in number to block the light above.”
Culwenril, with more prophesy, and some of the most telling in the series.

I'll have more later from Dark Way of Anger, the second book of the First Trilogy.

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