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Friday, July 9, 2010

What to do When the Story isn't Working

All writers dread the time when they can't write.  When what is commonly called "writers' block" sets in for an extended period and is looking to purchase the place.  And I don't know a writer who has never experienced this, and at one time I thought I was immune.
Not any more.
Actually, I don't know if I have writers' block or if I'm just not inspired, so let's check out the symptoms:
1.  Don't wanna write. (Actually I DO want to write)
2.  No ideas (I have ideas; what I don't have is energy; that is, inspiration)
3.  Afraid what I might write won't measure up (Now there's a silly notion!)
4.  Not sure where to go with the story (OK, maybe we're on to something here)
Why thank you, doctor, we may have a diagnosis. I don't have writers' block; I just don't have a story.  Now that's not exactly true, though.  I have a story, two and a half chapters of it, and I've got the rest of this chapter plotted out.  But.  After about the middle of the next chapter, I'm not really sure where it's going.
So.  What I need is (gasp!) an OUTLINE.  Hmmm.... never done one of those.  At least not since high school. 
I know pretty much how the story ends, and I have a lot of situations that come up during the story that develop the characters and provide plot.  But I'm just... not sure how to get there.
Tell you what... I'm going to finish up this chapter, hopefully this weekend, and work on an outline for the fourth chapter.  Then we'll see where we are and how the story is progressing.
So stay tuned.
I'm glad we had this talk.

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