A land forged from the fires of strife, blood of heroes, and touch of the gods.
Where deeds of great valor, vile evils, and blazing passions intertwine
to shape the course of elven and human history within.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well, here we are, two weeks after sending back my FINAL final comments about corrections to Secrets of the Second Sun, still waiting for my proof copy.  And waiting.  And waiting. 
Yes, I know, two weeks is but an eyeblink in the world of publishing, but it's been nearly three months since I sent the manuscript and cover art to start the process.
This is one of the things about self-publishing that distorts the whole process.  In traditional publishing it could be many months, or in some cases years, before a book is published after being bought by the publisher.  With self-publishing, the process seldom takes more than 3 months and I've done it in less than that with previous books.  So the reality of it is, I'm just impatient; being goal-oriented can affect you that way.
I anticipate the proof copy of the book to arrive next week; of course, I expected it this week, so for all I know it could be sometime in August.  But the point is, it will show up eventually and I'll scan through it to see if there are any printing errors (probably won't go through all 560 PAGES!!!!!), then send my final OK and hope for the best.
And go through it all over again on the next book.

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