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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Proof is in the... whatever

Ever have that feeling?  This is the feeling of every author has he/she goes through the proofs and finds errors missed about a dozen times. 
I'm in the middle of that feeling right now.  I'm nearly half way through the proofs of Secrets of the Second Sun and I'm finding all those dumb little things I THOUGHT I caught the last four times I went through this manuscript!
So that brings up the question; do I need to go through the proofs AGAIN after this time?  Will I find even more dumb little things I missed THIS time through the proofs.
To be honest, I'm about 40% through the proofs and I've found about 20 errors like commas in place of a period, missing words that got deleted accidently, incorrect spacing, etc.  Nothing to do with plot or characters or the story itself.  But it's just the thought of missing this stuff so many times.
Memo to self; next time hire a proof reader.

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