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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Warm 'n Cozzy

One of the nice things about writing is we can do it just about anywhere; at a desk, in our favorite recliner, in the car, sitting under a tree at the park, pretty much any place we can carry a notebook (paper or electronic), we can write.  It's where we're most comfortable that probably brings out the best writing we do, because at that time we're more likely to be in a comfort zone regarding outside forces, and our minds can focus on the task at hand.
Where do you like to write?  I'm fortunate in that I have a home office and a nice, big desk, and privacy just about anytime I want it.  Some writers have a favorite coffee shop, or prefer the library, or that proverbial tree in the park.  The important thing is, being comfortable while we write is a lot more important than many writers think, especially those just getting into writing in a serious way.
Stephen King (heard of him, right?) seems to like loud rock music blaring in his ears while he writes; wonder if that has anything to do with the tone of his stories (no pun intended)? Lots of writers I know don't mind having favorite music in the background, but few I've spoken to like it at a painful level. 
Me, I can't write with music playing. I'm a musician, too, and if I hear a song I like, I'll stop writing and listen to it. Not very conducive to getting the next chapter done on time! 
That plus the fact that while I write, I'm seeing in my mind the scene I'm working on; I hear the voices of the characters, the sounds around them like the forest or a noisy tavern house. I see the sun shining on them as they ride the trail and feel the sweat of battle when they're in combat with the bad guys. So silence is what I need to do my writing, because I imerse myself so much in the story, I don't want anything distracting me from the goings-on.
Regardless what you prefer, it's important to find a place, a time, and the surroundings you can let you mind relax and bring out the best in your work. If you, the writer, aren't comfortable during the process, it's a good bet the characters you're writing about won't be comfy either. And they'll let you know it pretty quickly, is my guess.

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