A land forged from the fires of strife, blood of heroes, and touch of the gods.
Where deeds of great valor, vile evils, and blazing passions intertwine
to shape the course of elven and human history within.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Quick Note

Just a note to say Secrets of the Second Sun is nearing completion in it's final manuscript form.  In the next week I'll have the editing finished, and within 2-3 weeks I'll have the final read-through complete.  In that I'll catch errors made during the edits; things like taking one too many words out or leaving one too many in when I make my changes.  These things always happen with electronic editing; you higlight words to remove and OOPS!  one too many get taken out.  Or the dreaded one you leave in for the same reason.  I'll probably catch a couple dozen before its done.
Then its off to the publisher, a couple of weeks to get the proofs back, 2 weeks to go through them, another week to proof the revised proofs, and WALLA!!!! Done deal, and books will be in hand before you know it.
Actually, they'd better be here before Memorial Day weekend, 'cause I have a convention to debut this book at.  It's gonna be close.
I'll have a new blog up this weekend, so stay tuned.

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