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Where deeds of great valor, vile evils, and blazing passions intertwine
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Late again...

Yeah, yeah, I'm late again, I know.  It's been a busy summer. And it's almost gone, but you couldn't tell if from today. Whew!!!
So let's do some housecleaning and catch up.
Blood Secret is moving along at a languid pace, much more slowly than I had hoped. I should be winding up Chapter Eight but I'm only half-way through Chapter Seven. But I've got vacation coming up, so I should be able to get closer to my time table, and with holidays looming before us, I'll have more time off. Yes, I'll try to use it wisely, I promise.
Champions... nothin'. Art is under way but I've done no writing. Oh, I've got outlines and ideas, so one more thing for the to-do list during vacation and holidays, right? 
So what have I done this summer? Domestic stuff and work stuff. More yard work, more rock and brick, more foliage, and a pretty nice double-decker raised flowerbed. Not a bad job, even if I do say so myself.
But writing? 
I've found my writing schedule taking an odd turn. As many of you know (and most of you probably don't), I've always written primarily on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with a bit in between. Editing and rework is done in weekday evenings, and really, for over eight years, that's the way it's been. Lately, though, I've been writing when the mood strikes; after work, weekend nights, and yes, still on Saturday and Sunday mornings. But it's odd that my strict and oh-so-organized schedule has changed that much over the last few months. 
So do I need to "get back in the groove", or just let it ride? Show of hands, now! 
I've always been one to encourage other writers to find their comfort zone and go with it, whatever it may be. Some like to write late at night, others in the afternoon, some at a coffee shop with white noise all around. I know one lady who even writes in her car! 
Hey, whatever works, right?
So I guess I need to take my own advice and let it flow. After all, the writing is the thing, and it really doesn't matter if my schedule (or yours) changes, as long as we're comfortable with it. 
Next month (September) I promise I'll talk about more relevant things. In the meantime, keep writing, whenever and where ever you choose.

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