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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where have all the flowers gone?

As much as we wanted the long, hot summer to end, now it has, and we're looking at another year drawing to a close.  About this time of year I like to look back (well, "like" might not be the right term, but I look back anyway) and see if I accomplished anything worthwhile this year.  Of course the year isn't over, and we've still got three perfectly serviceable months in which to increase the list of "done" stuff, but let's take a look anyway.
1.  I hauled about 3 tons (that's TONS) of rock into my back yard, one shovelful at a time.  Yes, I counted them.  And distributed them.  And it worked out pretty well.  That's about 20% of my back yard I no longer have to mow.
2.  I (FINALLY!!!!!) published "Kaanan's Way", the forth novel in The Ardwellian Chronicles series.  You know that thing about patience and perseverance our mom's taught us?  This was a test, believe me, and I got a passing grade.
3.  I planted flowers in my yard and they made it through the summer.  Not all of them, but some, and the ones that didn't are now feeding the ones that did.  I like how that works.
4.  Somebody kicked me out of my funk about writing my fifth novel and convinced me to look at something different for a change.  Blades of Alliance: The Thirteen Swords of Power, an Ardwellian Chronicles picture book, should be ready for the holidays.  Books make wonderful gifts, you know.  Thanks, Rachel.
5.  I've become more involved with KC writing and groups than I was.  It's time to give back to some new writers all the great stuff I've learned from the Monday Night Writers Group.  Thanks Tim, Greg, Dave, Susan, Kara, Kate, Ben, James, Christine, Julia, Ken, and all the others who have contributed.  Yes, you, too, Rachel.
6.  I had new garage doors installed.  Yes, they were worth every penny... and that's a lot of pennies.
So for the remainder of the year, I'm looking, as said, at finishing up my picture book, then I'll think seriously about starting out on that fifth novel.  And maybe down the line a bit, another "different" sort of task for The Ardwellian Chronicles.  I'm thinking graphic novel... and video trailers... and audio books.  "Secret Fire" is on Kindle, now, by the way, and the other three novels will soon follow.  Books make wonder gifts, you know.
Yeah, I said that twice, just to be sure...

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Greg Gildersleeve said...

Glad to see you back in the swing of things, Denny.