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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Plotting and Planning... Not Necessarily in That Order

Yes, this is my second post in April.  Two posts in the same month.  Within a few days of each other.  Celebrate, but responsibly.

With Kaanan's Way in final form, and books due within the next couple of weeks, I've been working diligently on my back yard with two tons of rock (yes, real tons, not the metaphoric kind) and about 1500 pounds of brick.  Additionally I've set up two planting circles of shaped stone (I call them crop circles just for fun), and some nice little purple flowers that have actually stayed alive for more than fifteen minutes after transferring to the planters.  I've also seeded with new grass around the planters, and wonder of wonders, it's actually coming up.  Out of the ground.  Like real grass should.  

So the rock is spread and the bricks are laid, and the back yard looks better than it has in several years.  Still work to do, but much accomplished over the last few weeks.

So what does this have to do with Plotting and Planning (Not Necessarily in That Order)?  Sometimes we just need to get away from it for a while; the characters, the places, the circumstances and situations, to give our minds time to rest and refresh.  

You know... a vacation... holiday... hiding under the bed... whatever you want to call it.

And during that time, for me at least, its an opportunity to let my subconscious run through the fields, doing what it does best while my forebrain and muscles are fully engaged on moving two tons (repeating, real tons, not the metaphoric kind) of Bear Creek tumbled rock; Plot and Plan, ruminating over the deviousness to come in the next book of The Ardwellian Chronicles.  

And I'm doing that.  I have lots of notes and some doozy plot elements, not to mention some brand new characters to introduce.  Oh don't worry, Calidriil, Lahai, and Vincent will still be involved, but perhaps more behind the scenes than stage-front.  After all, the world changes, and with it comes new challenges and new challengers, characters who think they have the measure of the old-timers from the first four books.

But you know the saying; youth and energy can be trumped every time by experience and treachery.  

So stay tuned.

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