A land forged from the fires of strife, blood of heroes, and touch of the gods.
Where deeds of great valor, vile evils, and blazing passions intertwine
to shape the course of elven and human history within.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Drum Roll, Please

OK, book proof copy has arrived!!!!
Looks pretty good... YIKES, 580 PAGES!!!! What a whopper! 
Now I get to go through this and look for... no, not missing commas, or misspelled words, or continuity errors.  That time is past.  I'm looking for printer format errors, and guess what?  I found a couple.  Now I just need to convince the publisher they need to fix them.  Yeah, right.
But they aren't something I can't live with; they're both minor.  So regardless, the book is now a BOOK and I can move on to other things.
This is my third completed book, a 235,000 word monster with two distinct stories, though they are connected.  Someone said I should have split it into two books.  Why, so I could go through this twice?  Not likely.
So once I get a reply from the publisher about my two concerns, I'll have my promo copies and the book will be live at your bookstore, on amazon.com, borders.com, barnesandnobel.com... heck, I even found them on a Hong Kong site!
Stay tuned; Book Four, Kaanan's Way, isn't that far off!

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