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Monday, December 28, 2009

Ending the Year on a High Note

I've always thought it important to reflect at the end of each year on what I've accomplished and how it affects the coming year.  2009 has been a good year overall for The Ardwellian Chronicles. Book Two, Dark Way of Anger, has been republished; the manuscript for Book Three, Secrets of the Second Sun, is complete, and I've signed Nick Rose to provide some interior illustrations to enhance the book when it's published in early 2010; and Book Four, Kaanan's Way, is started, with chapters one and two in rough draft form.  Additionally, I've trimmed down the website to manageable proportions (more trimming to be done), begun networking through Facebook, and started this blog.  But the most important thing may have been this; I've written a query letter to a specific agent, and once Secrets of the Second Sun is in book form, I'll send that letter and begin the process of pursuing professional representation for the series.
This is a big step for any author, because the fear of rejection keeps so many writers from ever taking the step into the professional world.  I've self-published my first two books and even sold some in local stores, through Amazon.com and other outlets.  But I really want to try to find a venue where I can say I'm not only a published author, but an agent has taken my work and presented it to publishers for purchase.  Only then will I feel the series is worthy of a wide audience.
If it doesn't work... at least I tried.  Then I'll pursue other ways of promoting the books and getting them out to the reading public.  Only time will tell if I'm successful, and 2010 may be a critical year for The Ardwellian Chronicles.  But I'm gonna give it my best shot!


Madison Johns said...

Have you tried to get it published with a publisher? Most only take up to 100,000 words, try trimming it down, there are a lot of fantasy publishers out there, of course getting an agent is real important. I wish you peace and blessings on attaining one.

Denny said...

Not yet, Madison, and I understand your comment about the length. Yes, many publishers want shorter novels; that way the reader will run out and buy another one!